Monday, May 10, 2010

Breaking News ... What?

The rule of Europe, particularly Britain over Africa, continued its ugly media dominance over Africa this weekend.

South Africa's media reported as breaking news the fact that Chelsea won the 2009/10 English Premier League, only for the fourth time, nogal. Surprisingly, German’s Bayern Munich has also won the Bundesliga, so was FC Twente in Dutch Eredivisie, but they did not even make any breaking news. One must remember that both the English and Germans have always been at the forefront of sabotaging Africa’s first ever hosting of the Fifa World Cup.

E-news had repeatedly scrolled the breaking news (more than five times). On the other hand, the same channel was defending South Africa against the British Daily Star which reported that fans are facing a blood bath in South Africa should they attend the Fifa 2010 Soccer World Cup.

But, what was so breaking about Chelsea? Both Chelsea and Manchester United were booted out of the more lucrative Champions League by Inter Milan and Bayern Munich in the round of 16 and quarter finals respectively!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cellphone using Multiple Sim Card

Oh, my God!

I could have been a millionaire, or even billionaire for that matter. If, and only if I have ignored this township mentality (of umbhedo, nempambano). When you have these ideas, many think that you are either "high" or mad.

One time I was suggesting to my friends that our cellphone network companies, Vodacom, Cell C and MTN are just playing with us. Firstly, they rocket call unit prices sky-high. Secondly, they hold the upper hand in our handsets as they are the only one who determines which network your sim will be using. They also supply sim cards that need swim swap constantly.

My solution? A phone that could take a multi sim card, or a phone that would have three slots for all the three sim cards.

Now I read that the Chinese have ignored my South African families and buddies, and went on to invent exactly what I have been thinking 5, 6 or 7 years ago! Click this link to learn more (par 7).

I wonder how many more ideas are out there in the townships and rural areas that are not taken for granted. I know for example of a guy who lives in a village near King William’s Town who is gifted in electricity and electronics. He even managed to break the airwaves one time. Our problem: he is uneducated with a mere grade 6, and seems to be a little bit sick! But, to be honest, he is a genius who could have easily been a physicist, scientist or a professor of some kind.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mnet extended Open Time

My decoder had gathered dust a long time ago. It cannot even be welcomed by buy and sell shops. I have done away with it because of poor reception. I have sworn that even when the satelite dish was introduced I will never subscribe again to Mnet (despite being a 'shareholder').

To my suprise, sometime last week, there Mnet was, playing crystal clear, without the decoder, until late in the evening. I took my TV guide and checked if the Open Time has been rescheduled. No! I checked a friend in Aliwal North, and he told me that Aliwal North is a rural area, so they are not that fortunate. I wondered, what happened to Mnet encryption. I then decided to double check the news, in case I have missed something. ICASA announced that Mnet's Open Time will be taken off air with effect from 01 April 2007.

Unfortunately for me, my joy was short lived. Within days I was disconnected. Now I demand an explanation. Why? My privacy and public space was invaded.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mdamsteda participates in NSW 2005

The Mdantsane Maths, Science and Technology Educators Development Association (Mdamsteda) helped the East London district's Department of Education to hold the National Science Week for 2005. This annual event, known as the NSW 2005 was held Alphandale high School School in Buffalo Flats near East london, from the 09-14 May 2005. The project deals with Science, Engineering and Technology programmes and educational issues. The theme of the project was "Tomorrow's Science and Technology is in our Youth's Hands". 2005 is dedicated to Physics, dubbed "International Year of Physics".

The funding for this project came from the national Department of Science and Technology (DST) through SAASTA (South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement). Though funding was limited, the programme managed to attract learners, teachers and exhibitors from as far as Grahamstown and Cofimvaba.

Some of the exhibitors present were RUMEP (Rhodes University Mathematics Education project), SAIAB (South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity), JUTA (Science Kit), University of Fort Hare (East London), Amatola Waters, and ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa).

Nozihle Mbokomba, Siyabulela Matshayana and Luvuyo Mgqibisa went for a day on Wednesday to Cofimvaba to help with the satellite SET WEEK 2005 that was taking place in the former Transkei. Matshayana also played a crucial role during launch on Thursday when he was asked to be the master of ceremony, and showcased his public speaking skills. Mngqibisa too was never to be let down, and when the ISETT-SETA bus driver and facilitator did not turn up, Mngqibisa willingly took over. He drove the Mercedes Benz mini bus daily, to and fro the teachers’ centre in Stirling. He also facilitated the IT skills for all those hundreds of learners who were queuing outside and waiting for their turn.

Other Mdamsteda members present were Mr Zwelethemba Bakana who was an all rounder and in charge of the logistics, registration of schools and handing out of available material. Zongezile Matshoba was in charge of the media, designing and placing adverts on local newspapers and moving around the stalls taking pictures. Zonke Mamatu looked after the Mdamsteda stall and conducted daily workshops on physical science. Mzukusi ‘Papa’ Ncanywa and Phumeza Mashalaba took care of the quiz. These two had their hands full as the quiz day was well attended. It was interesting to see Mdantsane schools which are serviced by Mdamsteda coming tops in the quiz. These schools were David Mama High, Solomon Mahlangu High and S.E.K. Mqhayi High.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

ICT versus journalists

I watched with dismay when Nwabisa Mbelekwana switched off her computer (11 May 2005).

She was featured on e-tv's "rough cut". This show is on Wednesdays, just after the 7.00pm news.

Sitting in front of her computer with the word document open, she reached for the power button. The computer screen went blank.

Oh my God, unbelievable! What must our children and many of us coming from the disadvantaged communities without these resources learn? what a shame for journalism in general, and for ICT journalists in particular?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Get to grips with South Africa before 2010

South Africa is a growing major tourists destination. This has been made possible by great achievements that this country has gained. South Africa had a peaceful transformation from the Apartheid system. The country boost several Nobel prize winners, including the world renowned statesman amongst them, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. South Africa has just celebrated 10 years of democracy, and the country is playing a vital role in the development of Africa through AU and NEPAD.

South Africa has the highest number of higher learning institutions in Africa. Technological developments are one of the best and are able to compete globally. To find out about what to expect when you have decided to go South in your next visit, click the the following reviews. These are some of South Africa's Travel Services that offer a wide range of services for your business and pleasure. Do not wait for 2010, surf these fantastic sites and book your visit now.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Web Revolution and Interoperability

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has a dedicated working groups that are developing and maintaining XML (Extensible Markup Language) & SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).
Their goal is to design a set of technologies fitting in the Web architecture in order to lead Web services to their full potential.
The W3C has come up with common protocols that will ensure interoperability and revolutionalise the Web, hence the XML and SOAP.
XML is a web language that doesn't have a fixed set of tags (unlike HTML). It is straight forward, easy to use and supports many different applications. It can be extended and adapted to meet many different needs. (For further reading, visit
SOAP is an XML-based Web services protocol (messaging framework) intended for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment such as the Web.
Bussiness benefits in that applications are able to communicate with each other to deliver sophisticated added-value services.